Apple has lost a lawsuit over the slowdown of older iPhone models and will pay up to $ 500 million.

Owners of some iPhone models have sued the Apple company in the US District Court in San Jose, California, accusing the company of deliberately slowing down the operation of old devices to stimulate demand for new smartphone models. So Apple will have to pay each of the owners of such smartphone at about $ 25. It will cost the technology giant in the amount of 300 to 500 million dollars, CNN reports. This range of payments is due to the fact that the amount of compensation to each specific user will depend on legal costs, the number of claims and other additional costs.

The lawsuit of users against the manufacturer of the iPhone lasts more than two years and should now end on April 3, when the judge approves the settlement. The process began after Apple admitted at the end of 2017 that application updates slowed down the operation of old devices, however, trying to mitigate the negative reaction of users, she said that she did this solely to eliminate problems with old batteries that could harm some components.

However, most users believe that such a decrease in the smartphones performance through updates was made solely so that users of older models starting with the iPhone 6 and ending with 7 Plus or SE had to buy the latest models every time.

The company, in turn, in order to confirm good intentions, after proposed replacing the old batteries with new ones, but this did not save the situation. Due to the current condition, the company's profit decreased in 2018, and each user of older iPhone models received the right to a legal claim against Apple.



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