American businessmen are considering investments into Polish biotechnology

Polish-American cooperation in the field of biotechnology development has started at the CeBioForum in NYC.

On November 16, took place the first edition of CeBioForum. Scientists and American businessmen involved in health care projects participated in the event. Many of participants have Polish origin. A lot of representatives of American biotechnology companies have experience in cooperating with business already.

A representative of the National Center for R&D noted that this is a great event for meetings of American businessmen who are investing in research and development of biotechnology with Polish inventors and manufactures. There is a  hope for more interesting developments on the Polish market.

One of the main goals of the Forum was conducting to encourage foreign businessmen to invest in Polish projects.

The initiator of the Forum believes this is a great  start of an initiative which will bring constant cooperation between Central Europe and the US in this sector. He hopes the events like “CeBioForum” will stimulate the dynamic development of the biotech sector in Poland and mutual cooperation.

The Forum has 18 years of history in Poland and this year the organizers decided to bring the initiative beyond the EU. They plan to arrange  the event both in Poland and the US. In 2019, it will be conducted in Boston. It is estimated that the event will see the most interesting projects of Polish companies. Also, there will be a Polish edition in May.

The representative of the Polish Agency of Investment and Trade in New York noted that they see a lot of potential in Polish laboratories, scientists and funds which may attract foreign investment.

Americans may be interested in investing in Poland because it is much cheaper to implement new technologies and conduct activities in the biotech sector there. Both sides will benefit from the cooperation. Poland has a modern infrastructure and qualified workforce able to implement projects the way Americans do.

Also, the Polish government does everything possible to create a friendly environment for foreign investors. That makes it possible to launch Polish-American biotech



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