Intel has announced its intention to invest €4.6 billion in factory in Poland

Intel has unveiled plans to invest €4.6 billion in building a state-of-the-art microchips factory in Poland, as part of the company's wider investment strategy for chip manufacturing across Europe.

The selected site for the new facility will be near Wrocław, Poland, where Intel aims to increase its capacity for chip assembly and testing in response to the expected surge in demand by 2027. The company anticipates creating around 2,000 jobs at the facility, with the construction process generating several thousand additional job opportunities, including positions offered by suppliers. The project's design and planning are set to commence immediately, subject to approval from the European Commission.

This investment in Poland, along with existing Intel facilities in Ireland and Germany, will establish an end-to-end, cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing value chain in Europe. This development is expected to foster further innovation and investments in the region, benefitting not only Poland but the entire European Union.

Intel's decision to choose Poland as the location for this investment was influenced by several factors, including the country's solid infrastructure, skilled talent pool, and favorable business environment. The proximity of the new site to Intel's planned leading-edge wafer fabrication facility in Germany and its existing facility in Ireland will encourage collaboration, enhancing the resilience and cost efficiency of the European semiconductor supply chain.

The planned facility near Wrocław will serve as an assembly and test center, receiving completed wafers from the wafer fabrication facilities, and conducting quality checks and performance tests on the final products. It will play a crucial role in Intel's effort to create a robust and sustainable semiconductor supply chain for Europe, aligning with the European Union's goal to increase its global semiconductor manufacturing capacity by 20% by 2030.

Poland's strong technical workforce and excellent engineering programs at its universities have been instrumental in Intel's three-decade-long presence in the country. The new facility will offer well-paid permanent positions, ranging from engineers and technical personnel to factory operators and business support functions.

As a company committed to sustainability, Intel will adhere to high environmental standards, ensuring that the planned facility in Poland follows green building principles to minimize its carbon footprint and environmental impact. This investment marks a significant milestone for Poland, positioning the country as an economic trendsetter and a crucial player in the global semiconductor supply chain.


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