Individual Business Activity in Poland

Different features of individual entrepreneurs doing business in Poland.

Sole proprietorship (sole tradership) is the simplest form of business activity for small business. This is not a legal entity, and there is no division between business and its owner. Every name of sole proprietorship has to include the name and surname of its owner, that is, the individual's name, and some other freely chosen constituents. Only natural person can conduct a sole tradership.

The big advantage of this business type is that it is not authorized.

Present business activity has been registered in CEIDG (Central Business Activity Record and Information). To conduct individual entrepreneurship. It is compulsory to fill in and submit. To register an individual entrepreneur in Poland only one day is required, on the average. After that,. Another way to conduct business is to issue a power of attorney. Every individual entrepreneur has to pay Personal Income Tax (PIT), and the amount of levied tax depends on the type of entrepreneurial activity. The individual who provides business activity may be subject to VAT and excise duty, as well.

An entrepreneur is liable for all his activities.


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