Spain Golden Visa

Make an investment in your future! How to do this? To do this, you need to take care to get a residence permit in the European Union. The proposed Golden visa in Spain is completely safe; it has its own guarantees and benefits.

So what's this about? There is a new immigration investment program in Spain, which is quite popular among investors. And they, as you know, are looking for guarantees, so choose only proven options.

The new program is offered to the investor and his family, including dependents. Thus, you can get a full residence permit.

What do you need to do to get a "Golden visa" in Sunny Spain?

This requires a few simple steps.

So, the first point is "investing and Deposit". Our company selects the most suitable option for the client. We create a route where you can come and see the property, meet with our legal representative. At this stage, the investor chooses the option he is interested in. It can be one or more. Next, you need to create a so-called Deposit for booking the property. The size of the investment should be 500 thousand. At this stage, the investor cannot visit Spain on his own? - Not terrible. He can use the remote service of Oruga Group.

At the second step, you need to apply. The legal Department of our company submits an application for the main investor and spouse, conducts "due diligence" and prepares documentation for the transaction.

The third stage is the approval of the application. The government has set the period for which the visa application is considered – three months from the date when the application was submitted. If everything goes well, the client will receive a document of approval at this stage.

The fourth step involves the collection of biometric data and the preparation of a residence permit in Spain.

With a Spain Golden visa you can cross the border of any Schengen country.


  1. lack of a language test;
  2. for a person with a Golden visa, there are practically no borders, you can travel as much as you want in the countries that have signed the Schengen agreement;
  3. visa guarantees you complete safety;
  4. guarantee the safety of your property;
  5. safe and easy management of funds;
  6. a Golden Visa can be obtained for two years.

If you want to receive a good offer, you need to contact with us. If you do this, you can avoid mistakes in the formation of documents, which in the future may be very expensive. Often the process of obtaining a visa and residence permit for clients is differed. That is why we choose an individual approach to each.

If you are still thinking about whether you need a visa and what benefits it gives, please contact us for a free consultation. Our staff is available to explain to you all the difficult moments and you probably want to cooperate with us.

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