How to get a second passport in the European Union?

You do not know how to get a passport in the European Union? This is very simple if you use the citizenship program in Cyprus. This program is quite fast and simple.

Cyprus Citizenship by investment

There is a special investment program for immigrants in Cyprus. This is a very popular route for investors who have a high level of their capital and want to get another passport in a European country. With this program, a second passport can easily get the investor and his family, including dependents, if they are less than twenty-eight years. For registration of all documents will need one hundred and eighty days.

What should be done for this?

Initially, you need to contact our company. Here you will find the best route by which you can come and see the property. Next you need to choose one or more options. To buy a property, you need an investment-two million. This amount will allow you to make a purchase. If you are unable or do not want to go to inspect the property at this stage, you can use the remote service Oruga Group.

Next is the filing of the application. Lawyers of our company submit an application to the name of the main investor and his spouse, and then prepares the necessary documents, conducts "due diligence". Obtaining a residence permit takes two weeks.

To get a passport or national identity card, you need at least six months to get a PR-card.

During a visit to the island of Cyprus, you should not forget to provide your biometric data. This can be done at The Cyprus Embassy. At this stage, the investor can already become the owner of a residence permit.

The government has set a time limit for the processing of the application for citizenship. This period is three months.

The last step is to obtain a passport. This happens after the approval of the principle of the application. At this stage, dependents can also obtain a passport.


  • there is no need to take a language exam;
  • there are no borders, you can travel to the European Union without restrictions;
  • storage of property for three years;
  • documents are received quickly and without any "pitfalls".

Please contact our company in order to be able to travel in Europe without restrictions! We will help you with this.

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