Immigration consultants in Poland

Need somebody to help you with immigration to Poland? Our immigration lawyer in Warsaw (Poland) may give you solution regarding immigration to this attractive European country. If you tried to figure out immigration conditions, these terms could seem too hard to implement. Actually, there are three real opportunities to get residence permit in Poland:

  • family reasons;
  • education in Polish universities;
  • work and business activities.

Our long-term experience makes evident that easier to provide immigration to Poland by investment and other business activities.

Poland business immigration

Poland has various possibilities for entrepreneurial talents’ implementation. A company in Poland is a chance to build a successful business in the center of Europe without corruption, bureaucracy and high taxes.

However, just Polish company registration is not a reason for immediate legalization. The residence permit is allowed for people who provide real business and earn money. To make business start-up convenient for you, our experts have advantageous proposals: we could do all company registration procedures or offer to buy a ready Polish firm.

Immigration to Poland by investment

Poland foreign direct investment reached EUR 176 billion (4% of GDP) in 2018, and furthermore, Polish government implement tax deductions to attract investors’ money into lagging regions. So, individuals, who want to invest in the future, have perfect opportunities to put money into the Polish companies or Polish property.

Unfortunately, Poland is not the country where individuals may immigrate just purchasing the real estate, as CBI (Citizenship by Investment) practice. But if immigration to Poland through investment is not suitable for you, maybe business immigration could be an appropriate decision.

Any company may become fruitful and acquired real estate will be paid off in the shortest terms, and investors from different countries know it for sure. Ernst & Young reports describe Poland as the best European country for investment.

Support with Poland investment immigration

Poland grants permanent residence permit for those who strive for investment in its economy, the constant and stable incomes and Polish property existence are the proof of that.

So purchasing of Polish property or company foundation would be a reliable basis for residence permission, and the immigration to Poland will go well. Our immigration consultants provide all necessary steps for Poland immigration. All you need to do is to contact us for receiving an excellent service and credible support.


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