How to get EU residence permit

We often receive numerous questions from our clients about the best ways of the European Union permanent residence permit obtaining. Lots of them strive to work or register the company in EU and now think through visa or residency gaining. But residence permit is much more important for entrepreneurs, investors and company owners who must live permanently in the country.

For these purposes, businessmen and company investors and owners are seeking to find the easiest country for company formation and residency gaining. Poland has it all. A perfect combination of the business doing simplicity, an attractive investment environment, and high living standards makes this central European country an appropriate solution for all entrepreneurs. Add to that the low living and business expenses and convenient geographical location and you’ll get the place where hundreds of thousands people relocate annually.  

How to apply for EU residence permit

To become a Poland resident and have an opportunity to travel over all EU, everybody has to pass several stages:

1) Gain visa. To provide business and to work in Poland foreigners must get “D” type visa. It could be difficult for aliens to do all paperwork abroad. You may contact to us to get professional legal support and receive a visa in the shortest terms;

2) Get the TRP (temporary residence permit). After 3 months term, you must get TRP to stay in Poland for more than 3 months, but less than 3 years. But for TRP gaining you have to find a ground for your presence in the country. That could be a working, doing business, studying, visiting relatives and other less popular reasons.

3) Obtain PRP (permanent residence permit). Since 5 years of legal residence in Poland, you can apply for the permanent residence permit. That will give the right to live and work freely in the country, as well as travel and conduct business in other EU countries. But you need to have a stable source of income and residence place.

4) Obtain a long-term EU resident permit. How to get this type of EU residence permit? You must live in Poland legally for 5 consecutive years, have a sufficient income for last 2-years period and have a place of residence.

You can obtain TRP, PRP or long-term EU permit in the relevant Polish Voivodeship Office.

Help with permanent EU residence permit

You must visit Voivodeship Office only in person. But we can assist you to prepare all required papers and help you to obtain other permissions and certificates (for example, work permit). Contact us to have convenient immigration to one of the most prospective EU countries!

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