How to get a Poland residence permit

There are several types of permits allowing foreign citizens to stay in Poland for a long period of time. For business reasons, foreigners are encouraged to apply for a temporary residence card. The document gives you the right to stay in the country for up to three years. Also, it allows traveling across Schengen states as a tourist without additional permits or visas. 

Reasons to be granted a residence permit in Poland

To reside in the country for a long period legally, you have to prove that you have strong and convincing reasons for that. There are many circumstances which will persuade an immigration officer to grant you the permit. When applying for the residence permit card in Poland, you can choose from the following or indicate your particular situation:

  1. you have a legal job in Poland;
  2. you intend to incorporate a company in Poland;
  3. you will study at a Polish university or college or you are going to conduct an academic research there;
  4. you are willing to reunite with a person from your family who is an EU citizen.

Note that there are circumstances when Polish authorities will deny your application for Poland residence even if you intend to register a firm. The reasons to give you a negative answer are:

  1. you are an EU resident;
  2. you have a Schengen visa which allows you to stay in the country for humanitarian reasons;
  3. you have a permission to stay in the country because you are a refugee or Poland became your asylum;
  4. you have a residence permit already but you received it under different circumstances and now want to get another permit;
  5. you go to a jail or are being sued;
  6. you don’t live in Poland;
  7. you fail to provide fingertips.

What should I do to get residence in Poland?

To apply for the card, you must attend a Voivodeship Office and submit certain documents which may vary depending on the reasons for you to apply. The main set of papers consists of an application form and its copies, travel document, and color photos. Also, you have to display documents supporting your reasons to apply for the permit.

Usually, it takes about thirty days (sometimes more) to obtain the card. You must pick it up personally. In case of denial, you have two more weeks to submit an appeal to the Office for Foreigners. 

Note that if you are applying for the permanent residence, you will get a stamp in your travel document which becomes your permission to stay in Poland until you receive an answer from the immigration bodies.

The fees vary:

  • depending on the type of permit (this sum will be reimbursed to you if you get a negative answer);
  • applying for the work and temporary residence permits simultaneously;
  • the card in case the answer is positive.

Important: your residence permit will be withdrawn if you provide false information in your application form or violate the laws. More sanctions will also follow.


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