Are you familiar with European company formation?

Both newbie entrepreneurs and those who have some success in their homeland are obviously thinking about Euro company formations. Surely, if you have no experience in company registration at all, such procedures in any European country would be stressful for you. To minimize legal and investment risks we advise you to start your company in the country where registration procedures are quite cheap and simple.

We may assure you that Poland is one of the easiest countries in EU for company registration and doing business. Since becoming a member of EU, Poland developed its economy and turned the business environment into prospective investment object. Now Poland’s FDI is about 4% of GDP and grows further.

You hardly find the EU country with the same combination of investment attractiveness, business starting simplicity and costs cheapness.

Benefits of EU company formation

Every country-member of EU has the similar frameworks for the company establishment. Each of them has its own preferences and pitfalls (legal difficulties for foreigners, bureaucracy, language barrier and so on). But you should choose the one there benefits of doing business are the most.

You should know that EU is the very convenient place for international company development. Thus, you may establish a company in one country and do business in many others. To explore your customers and counterparties you can use European business register (EBR) there you will find main European company information. That protects you from scams and unfair clients from other countries.

So if you choose Poland as a country for you first European business start, you’ll get the numerous advantageous: favorable geographical position, developed and flourishing economy, and transparent conditions for doing business. Besides, cheap costs for living and company establishment are opening the doors for people with low incomes.

Support for European companies registration

We provide a wide range of company registration and formation services. With Oruga Group assistance you may forget about legal formalities and concentrate on your business ideas. We have solutions for all the problems foreigner can face in European country:

  • Prepare all required documentary, including articles of association;
  • Perform translation of documents (including sworn translation) and translator’s services during negotiations;
  • Ensure the notary services;
  • Submission of documents in the authority;
  • Assistance in opening of a bank account;
  • Register company in all authorities and receiving special identification numbers (KRS, NIP, VAT, REGON, ZUS);
  • Assistance in the residence permit obtaining.

Moreover, we can offer you to buy ready-made company and therefore get rid of wasting your time.


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