What is European Business Register?

The main policy of Single European Market is lack of internal borders and transparency of doing business. And EBR, which is not to be confused with EU Business Register, is an integral part of this policy. This register must conduct financial markets transparency and alleviate the process of companies’ relocation and movement. EBR is actually a network of national registers of EU countries. The companies’ data are stored in registration authorities and include information about:

  • company name;
  • company registered address;
  • company CEO and Board of Directors;
  • registered capital.

EBR network allows having access to real-time European companies’ data, and that’s crossing borders and provides transparency and vast opportunities for development of pan-European business corporations.

Other types of EU company register

Most of the European countries are members of EBR, but not all of them. But it doesn’t obstacles them to provide openness of registered information in another way. For example, in Poland there are three authorities keep and provide registration data that Polish companies supplied during their formation:

  • Ministry of Justice – provide free access to registered information of companies, associations, independent public healthcare institutions and organizations through the site of National Court Registry (this authority assign a company the KRS number);
  • Ministry of Economic Development – holds Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG). It includes information about businessmen in Poland. The access to CEIDG registry is free of charge. To find company information you need to enter any of following data: company name, KRS, NIP or REGON number.
  • Central Statistical Office – gives a company the REGON number and performs National Official Business Register.

Unfortunately, Poland is not a current member of European company register. But National Court Register (Polish Business Register) is an analogue of EBR and it’s also free of charge. It includes almost the same information:

  • KRS and REGON numbers of a company;
  • Name, legal status;
  • Registration date and various important dates (entry, removal etc.);
  • Address details;
  • Competent authorities;
  • Company representatives.

This register has the same operating principles as EBR: when you try to find any information in EBR, and run European company registration number check, a search engine seeks information in the local authority and gives you free access to the main company data.

Support with Polish, EU company registration

As you see, thanks to advanced technologies an investment and a business operating throughout Europe is quite common and convenient process of your business development. You easily may create a company in one country and have business relations with all EU members. If you decided to conduct a business in such way we advise you to register your company in Poland, the easiest EU country company formation.

Oruga Group provides comprehensive support of all stages of company registration in Europe. We can ensure whole company formation without your presence in Poland. In addition, we assist in residence permit obtaining, so in a few weeks, you may become a full-fledged EU company owner!


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