Europe immigration possibilities

Plan to change your life and move to Europe? Our immigration consultants have years of positive experience of Europe immigration assistance. If you ask us about the best country in Europe where you will easy immigrate and settle in, we recommend you go to Poland.

In recent years Poland became an attractive country for people who want to relocate to Europe, but have the modest financial capabilities. A few reasons to select this country for immigration:

  • effective membership in European Union;
  • political stability;
  • stable economic growing for years;
  • low unemployment rate;
  • affordable university education;
  • high standard of living;
  • developed small and middle entrepreneurship;
  • transparent and simple business conditions.

The best country for EU immigration

Poland might be simple and convenience country for immigration. Especially for people who are looking for immigration to Europe from UAE or other Eastern countries. Poland is very friendly country, and people from any other location will be feeling its hospitality. This multinational country is part of European Union, but it still has its own color and welcoming attitude to foreigners.

Each EU member has its own immigration law, and Polish is quite demanding. There a few ways to immigrate to Poland:

  • Through relatives. But this method is appropriate for ethnic Polacs.
  • By education. Studying in a university may give you an opportunity for further employment.
  • By work and business. We recommend you to immigrate to Poland by one of these ways. Poland needs qualifying workforce while its own manpower immigrates to other EU countries.

The migration processes in Europe is an ordinary thing. Millions people change their location throughout life, seeking a better place to live and work. So Poland may be the country where you or your business may immigrate and start to ensure decent living conditions.

Immigration in Europe today

Since 2018, it is easy for foreigners to find a job through the site of Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy of Poland. The Ministry posts the list of the most demanded professions in whole Poland and its regions. Foreigners who had worked in Poland for more than 4 years by one of the demanded profession may apply for receiving of Karta Stalego Pobytu.

It’s an excellent country to start a new company, and any foreigner may find that relocation to Poland is right decision to set up a business there.

Besides, in 2018 Poland introduced a number of measures to protect working foreigners: any type of work has to be legalized by employment contract in understandable for worker language, and an employer must register the new workers and give them a visa.

Europe Immigration Consultants

Many people are becoming lost when they try to find out how to immigrate to Europe. That’s why they need assistance in paperwork and seeking the information about ways of immigration available for them. When you can’t puzzle out some situations, better to leave these questions to the professionals. We’ll do our best to make your immigration easy and safe. Thus, you shouldn’t go to Poland until all formalities will be fulfilled and everything will be done for your comfortable moving to another country.


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