Participate in EU residency programs

People always looked for better place to live, and today EU residence permit is one of the best opportunities to build your life in better conditions. Europe needs a new blood, new labour force, and new money from over the world. EU members allow people from other countries to participate in one of the residency programs to become part of friendly EU family.

If you want to find the most prospective EU members we may advise you to discover Poland as already developed but still prospective market for working, investing and doing business today.

Poland is an integral part of European Union for 14 years. Its passport is one of the strongest passports in the world. And it allows visiting to over 160 countries without visa.

What is EU residence card?

Residence card confirms the foreigner identity during his or her stay in EU country. It also entitles to stay in the certain country and confirms the right to cross EU country borders many times without visa gaining. Residence card contains the most important information about its holder and works only with a valid foreign passport.

Poland residence card confirms EU residence permit for non-EU citizens, which allow them to live and work freely Poland. It is issued in the cases the person was obtained:

  1. Temporary residence permit (TRP). If you plan to stay in Poland for more than 3 months and going to live, study, work or develop your own business, when TRP gaining is the necessary step. It allows you to live in Poland up to 3 years.

But to get this permit you need to already have reasons for your presence in the country. That means, you have only a few months before the visa expires to build relationships with Poland: find a job, set up a company, buy an apartment. In fact, it is easiest EU residence permit;

  1. Permanent residence permit. This type of permit granted to the foreigners who lived in Poland for at least 5 years and have a stable source of incomes and dwelling place. But if person marries to Poland citizen, this period is reduced to 3 years of living in Poland;
  2. Long-term EU permit. It can be granted to foreigner who legally and uninterruptedly lived in Poland for 5 years. It is issued for an indefinite time period. And this permit allows you to remain in any other country of Schengen Area for 90 days per 6 months for traveling;
  3. Refugee status;
  4. Subsidiary protection;
  5. Residence permit granted for humanitarian reasons.

Last 3 types of permit can be obtained only for people who are in difficult circumstances, and if you are none of them this type of permit is not appropriate for you.

Get help with EU residence permit card

Professional team of Oruga Group’s lawyers has many years of experience in the Polish legal framework. We have hundreds of successful cases of EU family residence card gaining, and we can give you a piece of advice in any difficult situation with Polish authorities. Whether it's residence obtaining or real property purchasing, our experienced specialists can provide assistance and correct the situation.

You can count on our full support with:

  • Checking the opportunity to gain residence permit in Poland;
  • Offering solution to issues;
  • Sworn translation making and different permissions receiving;
  • Making required payments;
  • Informing about every stage of the permit receiving process.

Contact us and we will consult you about conditions, costs and terms of EU residency obtaining.


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