Easily get the EU permanent residence card

When we talk about temporary or permanent resident card of EU we imply a document issued by any EU member, which allow its holders to pass the country borders as many times as it needed. Besides, it allows to travel all over Schengen Area and stay in any EU country up to 90 days per 6 months. Fair opportunity, isn’t it?

Thus, when you immigrate to any country of European Union, you get the possibility to travel all the Europe. Perhaps in time you may relocate to any other country.

One of the countries where you may easily move to is Poland. Central 40-million European country with developed economy and vast opportunities for doing business and living, it is open for foreigners who strive to build new life in this country.

EU temporary and permanent residence in Poland

Every EU member has its own rules for residence obtaining. Poland is quite friendly for hard-working people from other countries, even if they are not from Europe. The document that you need for living in Poland depends on duration and goals of your remain in the country:

  • To stay in Poland for less than 3 months it will be necessary to gain “D”-type visa (work and business). This time is enough to get a job and maybe enough to establish a company;
  • TRP (Temporary residence permit) for Europe business formation is necessary. Otherwise, you establish a company, but won’t develop it. You have 6-months period to show first incomes of your company to obtain TRP. Temporary residence gives you permission to live freely in Poland and travel over Schengen Area.
  • Permanent residence permit is granted to people who uninterruptedly lived and worked in Poland for more than 5 years. Also, it granted for vulnerable groups or for Poles by origin.

To gain residence permit you need to prove the necessity to be in Poland: family ties, marriage and business doing are real evidence of importance to be in the country.

Assistance in Poland residence gaining

Oruga Group provides any help you need to get a residence permit in EU. Temporary residence permit is the first step to obtain either permanent residence permit or citizenship in Poland. Thus, it’s important to make perfect documentation of all papers to gain permit fast and clearly.

We provide our clients next services for residence obtaining:

  • Checking the ability to gain residence permit;
  • Help with sworn translation and references, permissions obtaining;
  • Making payments of state duties;
  • Provide control and information at every stage of permit obtaining.

Feel free to contact us for residence permit obtaining.


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