Buy property in Europe and get citizenship

You’ve probably heard about programs of EU passport by investment. It’s so-called Citizenship by Investment programs (CIP), which means you gain citizenship after property purchasing. But most of EU countries require a residence permit for property obtaining and for passport receiving. You may find countries where citizenship procedures are very easy and fast, but such passport will be costly and you hardly want to stay there to live.

In the same time, the majority of European countries are well-disposed to individuals who make an investment in the economy, earn money and make everything possible for country flourishing. Poland is one of the European countries there quite easy to get a local passport and comfortable to live and to make business.

EU passport by Polish investment

Poland is EU family member for 14 years, and for this time it had evolved to the advanced country and now it along with older EU members. World Bank estimates Polish economy as “high-income”, and leading analysts assume it at 5th place in EU Investment attractiveness rank. So your property purchasing will be a bargain and you won’t be sorry about investment into Poland.

Polish law affords only several reasons for citizenship obtaining:

  • According to the law. Polish citizenship granted to a child of Polish parents and to a child, who was born on Poland territory.
  • Granting by the Polish President. President may grant you Polish passport if he thinks that you deserve it for distinguished service;
  • Recognition. If you continuously live in Poland for 3 years minimum, have sufficient income and a place to live. Or if you live in Poland for 2 years and married to Polish citizen or have refugee status or have some Polish origin.

Thus, it’s not hard to get European passport in Poland by investment in property. As can be seen from above, property existence is the mandatory condition for Polish passport obtaining. Unless you will find somebody and marry him or her. And you shouldn’t live in the country for many years, 5 and more, like in other European countries.

Property acquiring in Poland is quite simple. You mustn’t have a special permit to buy flat or garage, but it’s impossible to buy developed or undeveloped land without a permit. And even if you change your mind and won’t get Polish passport, investment in real estate will be profitable anyway.

How to gain European passport by investment

We support a whole procedure of citizenship obtaining through investment in real estate. Thus, your objective of buying property in Europe for citizenship will be convenient and easy if you will confide to professionals.

Oruga Group professionals assist ours clients in all procedures of property purchasing: we may find you the best investment object and check its price, conditions as well as potholes of the particular agreement. After that, we draft contract, provide all translations, acquire documents and control all stages of agreement. Moreover, we support our clients even after their relocation to Poland, so you may be sure you’ll have a qualified help abroad too!


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