Get EU Citizenship by Investment

Thanks to the flourishing and stable economy, many people aim to get European citizenship by investment. European laws provide numerous opportunities for taking up business activity on its territory, but not all EU countries are easy to invest, such as real estate purchasing and company formation. Hense very few European countries grant foreigners citizenship by investment only. However, there are some EU countries that investment is one of the ways to get citizenship from, and investment environment is quite fruitful for business conducting.

Poland is one of the most convenient countries where conditions for business registration and conducting are very suitable and affordable for foreigners.

If you prefer to make an investment as an individual, you may take advantage of the various offers on the real estate market and buy either commercial real estate or residential apartment or houses to live in. Polish law gives you such opportunities: anybody can buy any independent residential premises without permit. But investing as an individual will not help you to obtain a residence permit, hence Poland doesn't have a pure investment program. Poland offers business program, and investment should cover required annual profit as well. 

Cheapest EU Citizenship by Investment

Cost of living in Poland is one of the lowest in Europe. Nevertheless, conditions of living are absolutely European. Poland is the developed modern country, and according to many experts, Poland is among the best prospective investment markets in Europe.

There are several European countries offering citizenship by investment (Citizenship by Investment program), unfortunately, Poland is not one of them. You may get Polish citizenship only in such cases:

  • By law;
  • Granted by the president of the Republic of Poland;
  • Recognition as a polish citizen by Voivoda. 

President can gran a polish cotozenship regadrless of any conditions and period of stay. Thus to apply for a recognition program following conditions should be met: 

  • After permanent living in Poland for 3 years minimum, with a permanent residence permit or long-term EU resident permit, subject to availability of income sources and dwelling;
  • After marriage to a Pole for 3 years minimum and permanent living in Poland for 2 years, with a permanent residence permit or long-term EU resident permit;
  • After permanent living in Poland with permanent residency granted due to refugee status for 2 years minimum;
  • After living in Poland for at least 10 years and having a stable source of income and dwelling place;

As you see, there’s nothing impossible in obtaining Poland citizenship, but you should get residence permit first, and investing in Poland is one of the ways to get it.

How to get EU citizenship through investment

Over many years of legal consulting about Polish laws, we have various experience in providing different ways of obtaining citizenship in Poland.

We may provide you with a short guide to obtaining EU citizenship through investment:

  1. Select an appropriate form of a company and a real property you want to buy. We conduct complete support of real estate purchasing. Oruga Group may help you to select a property, to provide an audit of real estate and to conclude an agreement.
  2. Open a company in Poland. That is very easy, we carry all paperwork for you, you’ll get your own business in the shortest terms.
  3. Get permit for real estate purchase if applicable. 
  4. Get residence permit. We may help you with residency obtaining.

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