Which country in Europe is easy to get residency

Our long-term experience shows that easiest country to get residency in Europe is Poland. This is not only flourishing EU member but country there a lot of people may easily immigrate. Attractive business environments, transparent business conditions, social protection, high standards of living make Poland country there people want to relocate. And they can do it under certain conditions.

Poland, as many other countries, gives residence permit for aliens who uninterruptedly stayed and worked in the country for several years and may to provide for themselves and their families.

Expatriates choose Poland like their new living place because of the multitude reasons:

  • Reasonable living costs both for locals and aliens;
  • Transparent business conditions;
  • Conducive climate for investment;
  • Easy company formation and quick return form investments;
  • Convenient location of Poland in center of Europe;
  • Availability of vast European market;
  • Qualitative but affordable high tertiary education.

In 2016, Poland granted around 586 000 residence permits for foreigners from non-EU countries, and it’s the second highest number in EU after UK. Thus, grow roots in Poland much easier than in Germany, France of Italy!

Get easy residence permit in Europe

Poland is among the few countries that were spared a crisis and now have great opportunities for further growth. Poland may provide the cheapest residency in Europe for its foreigners, and that’s the reason people strive to go to Poland and invest there their money.

Permanent residence in Poland is available for people who:

  • Have Poland relatives;
  • Have parents with permanent Poland residence;
  • Is married to Pole for at least 3 years and live in Poland for 2 years;
  • Have lived in Poland permanently for 5 years minimum;
  • Have Karta Polaka (Pole’s Card);

Another way to become Poland citizen is to get temporary residence permit by a job offer from the Polish employer or start a business there. Candidates for temporal residence permit have to be financially independent: have a source of income and place to live. You may buy real estate in Poland and therefore speed up residence permit obtaining. Thus, as you see, if you are ready to work hard and to build your new life in a developed European country, Poland may grant you resident status.

Why is Poland residence the cheapest? There no some impossible conditions for residence obtaining: just work and live. Great, if during your living here you’ll settle down to married life, but the existence of income source and dwelling place for several years is enough for residence obtaining. And costs of living for foreigners are among the cheapest in Europe.

Help with the easiest residence permit in Europe

If you are seeking for easiest residency in Europe and Poland is an appropriate country there you prefer immigrate, Oruga Group specialists will help you to step through all stages of resident permit obtaining.

At the first stage, we may predict your chances to get the permit and give you solution if a probability of obtaining is not so high. Our lawyers and consultants will help you to prepare all required documents and to take upon ourselves all organizational issues. All you need to do is to give us the necessary documents and tell us about your plans in Poland.


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