The easy way to get immigration in Europe

Many people aim to immigrate to Europe as easy as possible. And Poland might be the country they can move to because it provides a lot of methods for convenient immigration.

Programs of easy immigration to Europe

Poland is one of the countries which are really interested in foreigners. Thus, there are a lot of programs for people who want to change their lives, and you may select the easiest way to immigrate to this country in the center of Europe.

  1. Karta Polaka (Pole Card) – the easiest way to move to Poland is to prove your belonging to Polish nation. It will be easy if you have evidence of your relatives’ belonging to this nation.
  2. Work. Lots of Poles immigrate to other EU countries, so Poland lacks labour force and look for professionals from other countries to make up this shortfall. So if you are ready to work assiduously, you’ll get the immigration. Due to economic development, demand for manpower is growing, level of average wages increases constantly, and rate of unemployment had reached the minimal level at 6.5%.
  3. Freelancers of art professions. These specialists can get the TRP and low taxation for 3 years.
  4. Business immigration. For people who are able and aim to have a real company, Poland provides a lot of possibilities to make a business or investment, and obtain a residence permit and Schengen visa in addition.
  5. Polish language courses. The better you know a language of the certain country the better you may settle in a new country.
  6. Studying at Polish university. Polish an education is very valuable and quite cheap: foreigners can get education for about 800 dollars.

Help with the easiest way to immigrate to Europe

We assist people who seek for easiest immigration in Europe. Our teams of professionals support people to go through all required steps to become a European citizen. The paperwork doing, lawyer assistance, translation services – all for your comfortable and fast immigration and obtaining of residence permit.


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