The easiest way to get European residency

Looking for easiest EU country to get residency? We are doing professional support for immigration and doing business in EU, and may advise you the country where are the optimal balance between the living standards and barrier to immigrate to the country.

We think that Poland has this optimal ratio a pretty exciting prospective for immigration.

Ways of getting EU residency

Each EU country has its own rules of residence obtaining. We are going to show you the ways of how to get EU residency and features of Poland immigration law.

You may get residency in Poland in three different ways:

  1. Through ancestry and descent. If your parents have Polish citizenship you may be eligible for Polish residency. And if you have documentary proof that your grandparents and even grand-grandparents were from Poland, that entitles you to receive Karta pobytu (temporary residence) to stay in Poland for more than 3 months.

Actually, it’s the simplest and cheapest way to gain Poland residency, and if you have real documents to prove you family ties it will cost you almost nothing.

Talking about family, we should mention the members of your current family. First three months of their immigration to Poland your family members can’t gain EU residence; they can do that after that period of time.

  1. Become Polish citizen by investment. Poland is none of the countries which residency you can get easily (Golden Visa program), like Cyprus or Malta; in addition, such residency program requires a large amount of money (over EUR 500,000). Poles protect their country from people who want just buy residency in it and strive to attract well-heeled investors from other countries. That’s why they allow foreigners to acquire so-called “independent residential premises” (flats, apartments) without any permits, but to get permanent residence you need to live in Poland for 5 years to be naturalized.

But gaining temporary residence in Poland is not that complicated. Most importantly, you need to give Polish authorities grounds of your stay in Poland. The main reasons why our clients stay in Poland and get EU residency are business activity and working.

  1. Through naturalization. To get permanent residence in Poland you need to live, work or conduct business there for 5 years continuously. But if you marry to Polish citizen this term is even shorter, and permanent residence permit will be granted you after 3 years of living in Poland and 2 years of marriage.

We know other, less popular ways to get the residence permit in Poland, and if you want to find it out just contact us.

That’s why we think that Poland is the easiest country in Europe to get residency.

Besides, Poland is one of the cheapest countries where you can get residency. As mentioned, you can open a company or purchase a real estate to become foreign investor and get the opportunity to stay in the country and receive temporary residence permit. And it won’t cost you a lot:

  • establish a company you need for less than EUR 1500. Limited Liability Company (LLC), the most popular company registration form, requires 5000 zlotys (around EUR 1250) for minimal authorized capital. It takes about 3 weeks to provide registration procedures. Also, you may buy a ready-made company to save time and get a Polish company in a couple of days;
  • purchase real estate. The property prices are cheaper than in other EU countries. For example, one-room apartment price starts from EUR 30,000 in Warsaw.

Poland has an advanced economy, attractive investment and business environment and great prospects for further growth. Thus, you may kill two birds with one stone: you’ll get a real property in the center of Europe, the prospective object of investment and the ground for residence obtaining.

Assistance in gaining the easiest EU residency

If you are not sure you can do all that procedures by yourself then you need a skilled support from people who are good at it. For many years the professional team of Oruga Group provides comprehensive support for Poland residency obtaining. All our clients had received qualified service and legal assistance in all required paperwork and had received residence in the heart of Europe.

Contact us to find out details about prices, costs, terms and documents required for easiest EU residence permit gaining. Poland is closer than it seems.


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