The easiest European country to immigrate

Poland is the best European country in regard to immigration policy. The best evidence is an amount of foreign investments in Poland. The businessmen from other countries created much more jobs in Poland than in any other European country. If you are ready to work hard and want to make your own contribution to the Poland prosperity, this country will be glad to see you one of its citizens.

The best European country to immigrate

Poland is developing rapidly, and different sectors of its economy are flourishing, so salaries rising too. Now unemployment rate dropped to record lows, and government expects it will decrease further.

So Poland needs some new fresh labour force, and this necessity makes Poland one of the European countries where will be easy to immigrate. Polish government provides effective immigration policy to attract talented foreigners to work for Poland firms. Here are some of their measures:

  • minimal taxes and opportunity to get a temporary resident permit for some selected professions such as programmers, designers, creative freelancers;
  • young people that graduated from a school in their country and speculate about immigration to one of European countries may enter to the Polish universities;
  • public polish schools for adults, where people can obtain a new specialization and work in Poland;
  • simple conditions for business immigration and new company registration in Poland.

The foreign employees paid about 6 billion zlotys to the Polish budget in 2017. Thus Poland tries to make a work environment very convenient for workers and businessmen from other countries.

Choose the easiest country to immigrate in Europe

If you're interested in which European country is easy to immigrate we'll recommend you to draw your attention to Poland. The developed industries, transparent state procedures, the high standard of living, the numerous possibilities for comfort work and doing business.

For many years we actively pursue the assistance in European immigration. So we may assure you that Poland is the best European country for comfort relocation.


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