Company registration number in Poland

There are two kinds of company registers in Poland. The first one – CEIDG was developed for sole proprietors and therefore includes business information about private individuals. The second type – the Commercial Register (National Court Register) contains information about Polish LLCs, JSCs, partnerships, and non-profit organizations.

All firms incorporated in Poland must be registered at the Commercial Register. This is a centralized online database managed by the Ministry of Justice. 

The Poland register with information about legal entities consists of three databases.

1. Register of entrepreneurs. It contains data about persons involved in activities of state companies, foreign firms, and other types of legal entities incorporated in the country.

2. Register of associations. It provides data about non-profits registered in Poland.

3. Register of insolvent debtors. It includes data about organizations accountable with their assets and persons recognized as insolvent or don’t have a right to conduct business activity because of a court’s decision. 

How to get information from the Polish Commercial Register

Any public person can have a look in the Register online and get the necessary information or a set of documents for free. You can download certain excerpts by yourself from the website or contact the body called Central Information. Note that an excerpt from the Register received online has the same legal power as the documents issued by the Central Information.

Electronic access to the Commercial Register of Poland allows to:

  • Submit motions and other documents to courts and Central Information via email;
  • Get emails from courts and Central Information;
  • Provide an electronic signature verified by a special certificate;
  • Use electronic files in supported formats (pdf, doc, rtf).

To find a legal entity, you must know its KRS number or the name. Poland company registry search can provide the following information:

  1. KRS number;
  2. REGON number;
  3. Title of the firm, its legal status, the form of proprietorship and contacts;
  4. Data about management bodies;
  5. Share capital;
  6. Main activities of the firm with the dates when the firm got a permission to conduct those activities and when the permission was canceled.

All information is available in Polish.

Also, it is possible to get copies of official documents from KRS which can be required for due diligence (for example, to check a shelf company to be sure it is indeed clean), legal cases, for submitting an application for a residence permit.

All data in the National Business Register is reliable and is protected by the Polish law. Each legal entity is obliged to provide information about any changes it faces to make appropriate updates in the Register.


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