Poland Company Formation

Situated in the heart of Europe, Poland has been an EU member since 1 May 2004, joint Schengen starting March 2008, and its currency is zloty. The official body responsible for company registration and company maintenance in Poland is the National Court Register. 

Poland is open for business and welcomes foreign investment and business immigrants. To register a company and set up your business in Poland, it opens your door of doing business in EU. To form your own company in Poland, the first thing to consider, is choosing the proper type of company. Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most popular format of company in Poland among both the Poles and foreign investors. 

Incorporation of Limited Liability Company

1. Legal system
The legal system of Poland is based on the Continental Legal System(civil law tradition).

2. Restrictions on foreigners of company registration in Poland
None, anyone can register a LLC company in Poland

3. Time frame for company formation in Poland
10-working days for e registration, 3-5 weeks for notary registration.

4. Share capital to open a company in Poland
The minimum initial capital is 5000 PLN.

5. Shareholders for company registration in Poland
A Polish company must have at least one shareholder. Shareholders may be natural persons or legal entities.

6. Directors for company incorporation in Poland
A Polish company must appoint at least one natural person as director.  Any additional directors may be natural persons or bodies corporate.  The directors may reside in any country. 

7. Shareholder and director meetings
No need.

8. Registered office for company formation in Poland
The company must have a registered office in Poland.  

9. Financial statements
Polish companies are obliged to prepare annual balance submission.

10. Taxation
Companies which carry on business within Poland are subject to Profits Tax on their net profit.  The current rate of Profits Tax is 19%. 

11. Double tax treaties
Hong Kong has signed several double tax treaties with several jurisdictions around the world.

12. VAT
Depending on the nature of its business activities, a Polish company may be required to register for VAT or allowed to do so voluntarily. The maximum rate of VAT is 23%.

Registration of companies in Poland can be done without personal participation, on the basis of power of attorney. 

Company formation include:

  1. Preparation of the articles of association;
  2. Translator’s services;
  3. Notary services (in notary company formation);
  4. Preparation and submission of required documents to the incorporation authority;
  5. Receipt of certificate of registration (statement from the State Court Register) - KRS;
  6. Registration in tax authorities (NIP);
  7. Receipt of certificate of VAT number, tax identification number VAT EU;
  8. Registration in the Social Insurance Fund (ZUS);
  9. Registration in the Statistical Department and receipt of REGON number;
  10. Assistance in opening a bank account;
  11. Consulting;
  12. Company stamps;

Get the Best solution for your company registration in Poland

Company formation in Poland through notary registration, can be achieved remotely, without shareholder's personal presence, on the basis of power of attorney.

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