Should you buy residency in Europe to move there?

Want to gain residency in Europe but have no business or relatives there? There are more and more affluent people who want to protect and capitalize their money strive to invest funds in European property and business.

Very few countries will grant the residency for investment immediately. Most of EU members require an investors’ naturalization, which means a certain time for living in a country without permanent residency or citizenship.

Residency programs in Europe

Some European countries propose special residency programs for investors. They are known as CIP and RIP programs (citizenship or residency by investment). The essence of these programs is a granting of permanent residency or citizenship for people who made an investment in the economy of this country. The main downside of such programs is expensiveness: the minimum amount of the investment in Europe is EUR 200,000.

So, how to get residence permit in Europe cheaper and easier? Less popular European countries provide convenient and not expensive residency program for aliens and they don’t have to spend much money. In fact, you don’t need anything. For example, to become resident of Poland you just need to live in the country for certain time.

There are three types of resident card in Poland:

  1. Temporary residence permit – granted for people who have real reasons to stay in the country for longer than 3 months but less than 3 years: they work there, conduct a business activity, study or visit relatives.
  2. Permanent residence permit – granted for the reliable foreigners who legally lived in Poland at least for 5 consecutive years and have a stable work or business or another means of earning a living. As well, they need to have registered residence place. The applicants who married to Pole need only 2 years of living in Poland and 3 years of marriage to apply for a resident permit.
  3. Long-term EU resident permit – enables Schengen Area travels for three months per every six months. It can be granted for foreigners since they legally lived in Poland for 5 years, have a stable livelihood opportunity, health insurance and residence place.

The permanent and long-term residence is granted for an indefinite time. Poland can offer you the cheapest residence permit in Europe: the living costs are quite cheap and prices of the real estate there is affordable for foreigners even with modest incomes.

Residence in Europe with Oruga Group

You can count on our assistance while residence permits obtaining. Every foreigner must visit Voivodeship Office personally, however, we can help you to do all paperwork, which could be difficult for people who are not familiar with Polish law and have some language barrier for filling out the documents in the public entities.

We will verify your basis for residency obtaining and offer the appropriate solution. We also can help with submitting and registration of all documents in the local public administration. If you’re interested in comfortable residency obtaining, feel free to contact us.


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