Business in Poland – your best investment

Poland is one of the most preferred destinations for foreign businessmen to invest money. The country has a convenient geographical position, large market, cheap manufacturing and labor costs. In addition, the World Bank ranked high the ease of doing business in Poland 2016 and 2017. Finally, it is simple to transfer profits outside the country.

Best sectors for setting up a business in Poland

The national government offers numerous incentives to foreign businessmen willing to invest in the country. For instance, the aid rate for launching a business in areas with the high level of unemployment is 50% and the aid to entrepreneurs investing in R&D may reach up to 100%. 

Here is a brief list of spheres which offer the best opportunities to businessmen:

  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Aviation
  • IT
  • Electronics
  • Metal and mechanical industries
  • Renewable energy

Some of these sectors are a special focus for the government and are supported by grants within the Programme for supporting investments of major importance to the Polish economy for years 2011-2023. However, foreign entrepreneurs willing to invest in the fields which are not the top priority can also get support if they offer more than 200 new jobs and their least eligible costs are 750 m zlotys.

Special Economic Zones: choose your region for doing business in Poland

The national government focuses at speeding up economic growth of Polish regions, providing jobs and using post-industrial infrastructure. To achieve these goals, it created Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Each of 14 SEZ has different regulations and offers preferential terms as well as income tax exemption to businessmen working in certain areas.

To get the mentioned tax exemption, a businessman must choose a location where he wants to do business and receive a permit to work in a particular SEZ (check whether your business qualifies for such permit). Once an investor gets the permit, he may start working with the tax exemption. Also, it is possible to get the exemption from real property tax. Finally, if an investor has questions on how to do business in Poland and needs to get legal or organizational support, SEZ administrators will be happy to help.

Important: there are a few differences in launching a business for entrepreneurs coming from EU and businessmen from other countries. It is easier for EU nationals to open a firm in Poland but once the registration procedure is over, business possibilities become equal for every investor. Also, running a company in Poland is a good reason to start a business immigration procedure in one of the most convenient countries in Europe.


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