Convenient business immigration to Europe

Are you looking for cheapest conditions for business immigration in Europe? Poland might be the one you’ll prefer. Due to its convenient location in the center of Europe, developed industries and economic prosperity Poland become a perfect place to provide immigration of your business in Europe.

How much business immigration may cost?

Poland government is doing its utmost to make business immigration costs the cheapest in Europe.

The main reason why most entrepreneurs decide on a business redomiciliation to Poland is incredibly lucrative tax environment. Big companies should pay 19% of corporate income tax. For small companies tax conditions even better – 12% of CIT. The banking costs are quite low too, and even toll-free corporative account is fairly common service in Polish banks.

The formatting of new Polish Limited Liability Company will cost you only 5000 zlotys (about 1200 EUR). For sole entrepreneurs registration even less, 2100 zlotys (500 EUR).

Poland GDP per capita is about $15000, and simultaneously labor costs are one of the lowest in EU and the workforce is well-educated and qualified.

So, as you see, for the foreign entrepreneurs setting up of a company in Poland include the cheapest business immigration costs in Europe.

Besides, having company in Poland allows you to get Schengen Visa, for the business trips and travelling all over Europe.

Assistance in the business immigration process

Best way to make your business immigration to EU simple and convenient is through registration of new Polish company. You also may buy the ready-made firm, which registered in all mandatory authorities. Anyway, both that approaches allow you to start your business activity in Poland up to 3 weeks. And after 6 months you may obtain the residence permit and become a full-fledged citizen of Poland.

We provide all compulsory procedures for remote registration and formation. You shouldn’t come to Poland before all formalities would be done. We will prepare all required documents, assist to get references and permissions, provide company registration and make obligatory payments. We support our client overall immigration process and even more: our lawyers in Poland will help to solve the problems encountered by you.

Address to us and we will help you to implement cheapest business immigration in Europe!


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