Hong Kong Company Registration

As a major regional free trade port and financial hub in Asia, Hong Kong is a vibrant city that attracts millions of investors from worldwide to set up their legal entities.

Why register a company in Hong Kong?

  • Easy company registration and compliance
  • Low and simple tax system
  • Free port in overseas trading business
  • Hub of International Embassies and Consulates
  • Stable free and efficient business friendly
  • Terrific geological location

Corporate Taxation Rates in Hong Kong:

  • Corporate income tax rate – 8.25% / 16.5%
  • Branch tax rate - 8.25% / 16.5%
  • Capital gains tax rate – 0%

Foreign tax relief:

Hong Kong operates a territorial tax system under which only income/profits sourced in Hong Kong are taxable. Double taxation is not an issue in Hong Kong.

Basic Requirements of a Hong Kong LTD Company:

  1. A minimum of one Director of any nationality
  2. A minimum of one Shareholder of any nationality
  3. Local company Secretary

Documents Required for LTD registration in Hong Kong:

  1. Provide company structure and activity details
  2. Passport copy and proof of residential address (e.g. electricity bill, water bill or phone statement) of all director(s) and shareholder(s)

How long does it take to register an LTD in Hong Kong?

3-5 business days, or on an expedited basis your company can be legally active within 24 hours.

Open a Bank Account for your Hong Kong LTD company:

You can choose from the following options:

  1. International Bank Account (online opening)
  2. Bank Account in Hong Kong (meeting in Hong Kong is required)

It is highly recommended to open an international bank account as it will bring you and your business a lot of benefits. An offshore bank account will be opened remotely, and you do not need to travel to Hong Kong.

Need to register your company in Hong Kong or have any questions?

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