Company Formation in Ireland

As a member state in the European Union, Ireland boasts harbors and airports that serve as a gateway to the rest of Europe. With its ports of Ireland open to international trade, Cargo from all over the world comes in and comes out of various ports, making Ireland more attractive to foreign businesses more than ever.

Why register a company in Ireland?

  • Efficient business communication with English speaking environment
  • Low tax rate and attractive tax incentives
  • SARP offers tax reliefs for staff assigned from abroad
  • Ideal for holding company set up
  • Top notch level of science and technology

Corporate Taxation Rates in Ireland:

  • Corporate income tax rate – 12.5% / 25%
  • Branch tax rate – 12.5% / 25%
  • Capital gains tax rate – 33% / 40%

Foreign tax relief:

Research and Development Tax Credit - An Irish company can avail of a 25% tax credit against its current year’s corporation tax liability. The credit is available to those companies engaged in in-house qualifying research and development activities, including plant, machinery and buildings.

Special Assignee Relief Program (SARP) to an Irish company is a key relief for its staff assigned from abroad. SARP provides relief from income tax on part of the income earned by employees who are assigned to work in Ireland. 

Basic Requirements of an Irish LTD company:

  1. A minimum of two Directors (one director, if an independent Company secretary is used)
  2. A minimum of one Shareholder of any nationality
  3. It is necessary to set up an Irish bank account

*If director is not EEA resident, the director is required to purchase Insurance Bond in order to quality and proceed the company registration.

Documents Required for Irish LTD registration in Ireland:

  1. Certified Passport copy of all director(s) and shareholder(s)
  2. Certified copy of utility bill (dated within the last three months)

How long does it take to register an LTD in Ireland?

5-7 business days.

Open a Bank Account for your Irish LTD company:

You can choose from the following options:

  1. International Bank Account (online opening)
  2. Bank Account in Ireland (meeting in Ireland is required)

Need to register your company in Ireland or have any questions?

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