The best property in Europe - how to choose

More and more people are now seeking to earn money by investing them in certain objects. Not for nothing. After all, buying, for example, an apartment or any other real estate in Europe, you can start to earn significantly in the near future. The cheapest real estate in Europe is a great way to earn money for foreigners.

Buying real estate in Europe: benefits

There are many advantages to buying real estate abroad, for example:

  • low cost;
  • a great opportunity to earn;
  • good location;
  • proximity to other European countries.

The price of one square meter in Europe almost annually grows by ten percent. This means that becoming the owners of the apartment today, you can sell it after a few years and get a considerable profit.

You can buy an apartment not to live in it, but to rent it out:

  • vacationers (Europe has never suffered from a lack of tourists);
  • those who come to get a job (everyone knows that foreigners go to European countries to earn money and then return Home)
  • or local residents.

With this you will be able to earn an income of eight and a half percent annually.

If you make easy calculations, it becomes clear that the price of an apartment or house will pay off in about twelve years. Well, by the time the price of housing will rise significantly so selling this property, you will be able to gain an excellent amount of money.

An integral advantage of the buying of real estate in the European Union is that the owner of the property can get indulgences in obtaining a residence permit or a Golden visa not only for himself as an investor, but also for his family, including for dependents.

The biggest real estate companies in Europe: their prices

In order to buy a property without any problems, you need to cooperate with a real estate company in Europe. In Oruga Group you will be offered the best options of real estate of different types (residential real estate, commercial real estate), which can be purchased at a reasonable price abroad.

Also in Oruga Group you will be assisted in the conclusion of the contract of sale. This process takes place with the participation of a notary. It checks the status of the apartment or house, whether they have any debts or obligations. Payment of a notary (about 2 percent of the housing price) is not the only additional cost of the purchase. Will have to pay for:

  • property tax (2 per cent);
  • Agency Commission (approximately 1-3 per cent);
  • payment for state registration, translation and paperwork (the amount can vary from half percent to one and a half percent).

Thus, if you decide to buy an apartment that costs $50000, additional expenses can be 4 thousand.

The choice of the best places to buy real estate in Europe, of course, will be for you. But here is about the choice of the Agency, which deals with real estate in Europe, we can say that it is best to opt for those organizations that work in this field for more than one year and managed to gain good experience, have positive customer feedback. Cooperation with such an Agency will save you from the troubles that may arise when you make all the papers. They will be able to find you the best place to buy real estate in Europe. At the same time, such agencies will save you from fraud and they will be able to save you not only time but also money.


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