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Starting a business in Poland

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The striving to move to Europe is conditioned by one’s natural desire to have a more decent and high-quality living environment. With the support of an experienced immigration service provider, you can not only settle in and build your life, but also open a business in Poland, both for the start and to develop it on the franchising basis in other EU countries.

Your own business in Poland will enable you to solve a few several important problems as a foreigner: this is the first step on the path to permanent residence in Europe, resolution of employment issues and an opportunity to go to high-quality educational institutions for all your family members.

Both large- and small-scale businesses in Poland are supported by the government which is manifested in the provision of a simplified taxation system, loans and many other things. Regardless of the scale of business, foreigners are provided with essentially the same privileges from the part of the Polish state.

Setting up a business in poland

For many inhabitants of the CIS, business in Poland is attractive, firstly, due to the geographical proximity and similarity of mentalities, as where else starting your life with a clean slate could be easier but in a neighboring country that has a common historical past and promising present-day co-operation opportunities.

Doing business in Poland

With the participation of Oruga Group experts, you can open or buy a business in Poland in the most convenient format, within a very short period of time, and you don’t even have to be present in Poland for this. From the early stages of cooperation, we provide advice in the field of law, international consulting as well as immigration directly.

In order to make quick profit and minimize costs to launch a business, we also offer our customers to purchase a ready-made business in Poland. In this case, you buy an off-the-shelf acting Polish company, which already has its own niche in the market of goods and services, its consumers and the capital. Ready-made business in Poland is a great option for those who do not want to start their business from scratch and are willing to save their time.

Please contact Oruga Group consultants and see the catalogue of out offers to find out about available suitable business options in Poland and buy it.

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How to buy a business in Poland without any risks 

Due to the positive business climate in Poland, your company will be able to cover all the outlays and make profit as early as in a quick period of time. One of the advantages is also a small authorized capital required to start with. In case you intend to buy a ready-made business in Poland, you win twice because the price already includes all the costs of the change of management and the proper authorized capital.

Purchase and sale of business in Poland through Oruga Group is carried out both in the mode of personal contact with the customer or remotely, based on a power of attorney. This process takes from 5 days to one month depending on the individual characteristics and the type of transaction.

Business opportunities in Poland

When you rely on our representatives, you can rule out any risk options, since we have a daily practice and long-term experience in the matters of business immigration. Responding to a question about how to start a business in Poland, first of all we put the emphasis on legality and rationality of the proposed methods, ensuring you hassle-free and legitimate staying in a new country.

Since it’s rather complicated to start business in Poland on your own, we provide support to our customers upon completion of the transaction as well. Our interaction is complemented with management recommendations, real estate and legal services, as well as assistance in dealing with organizational matters.

Please contact us by phone or leave a request on our website in order to find out the best conditions of business purchase in Poland.

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