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Oruga Group - your trustworthy business partner in the EU

The international business provider Oruga Group is looking to cooperate with new business partners. Due to the intensive expansion, we are happy to offer flexible and beneficial terms of cooperation to potential partners from a wide variety of fields: trade, banking, manufacturing, agriculture, law, consulting and many others. Owing to the prestige of our company, the competitive position in the market in Poland, the regular audience of customers and the developed partner network, you will succeed not only in our joint projects, but also in your own business. We have an individual approach to the organization of cooperation with each new partner, in order to make it mutually beneficial and comfortable, sustainable and long-term.

One of the dominant principles of our work is providing a client with services of exceptional quality; we constantly replenish our staff with highly-competent specialists with the view of rendering such a level of service. We offer to establish cooperation for our future partners both on terms of outsourcing and working directly with Oruga Group.

The leading activity areas of Oruga Group have been and remain the migration practice and comprehensive management which currently require the team expansion and involvement of new consultants in the legal, financial, technological and expert activities of the companies. Thanks to the common teamwork of all team members, we are able to provide the most efficient service for the client and therefore, we appreciate each employee’s contribution in particular. If you are committed to European standards, just like we are, our joint work will be 100% efficient.

We are convinced that mutual benefit and loyal policy in collaborating with partners are the best incentives for development and a source of real inspiration for improvement. Become a part of Oruga Group and feel all the benefits of our partnership in practice today.