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About us

Our Company

The company ORUGA GROUP provides professional services in finance sphere and investments, acquisitions and business registration, as well business immigration to Europe.
The company's specialists operate independent consulting activity for a variety market participants - from individuals to corporate giants - providing professionalism at the highest level in carrying out trades as well as in seeking different ways to increase our client's profit.

Our team guarantees an individual approach, up-to-date commercial solutions and high-quality legal support of performed operations.

«Oruga Group»’s team of industry experts will assist you in setting up your operations in Poland.
We support your project management activities from the earliest stages of your expansion strategy. We provide you with all of the industry information you need – covering everything from key markets and related supply and application sectors. Foreign companies profit from our rich experience in identifying the business locations which best meet their specific investment criteria. We help turn your requirements into concrete investment site proposals; providing consulting services to ensure you make the right location decision. We coordinate meetings with potential partners, universities, and other institutes active in the industry. Our team of consultants is at hand to provide you with the relevant background information on Polish’s tax and legal system and industry regulations. Our experts help you create the appropriate financial package for your investment and put you in contact with suitable financial partners. All of our investor-related services are treated with the utmost confidentiality.


The company was founded in 2009 under the name of Polish Estate. At first company specialized only in Polish real estate market. Over time, we began to introduce additional services and expand activities of the company, and therefore at the beginning of 2012 we changed its name to the ORUGA GROUP.


- Legal assistance and legal support: administrative, tax and civil law
- Company registration and formation
- Shelf companies and ready made company
- Business immigration to Poland
- Licenses for activity in Poland
- Investment assistance and management
- Franchising offers
- Accountancy services
- Bank account opening support
- Business and property management
- Commercial real estate
- Property investment consulting
- Investment
- Business selling
- Negotiations
- Asset management

Projects Oruga Group

European Educational project «Study in Poland» - www.eu-study.net

«Study in Poland» offers you Polish language courses in Warsaw. There are qualified teachers in our center, who use modern and effective methods of teaching. Our program is oriented to deep study of the language and culture of the country.

Study in Poland

2015 year - The MARR - www.marr-cg.com

MARR company is engaged in the export of the most popular products from Europe to the CIS countries. From the import of furniture fittings and bathroom-and-lavatory equipment through to the construction materials daily used in construction of residential and commercial buildings

marr construction group

2016 year - UNIKOMM European trading company

UNIKOMM specializes in wholesale deliveries of raw materials and finished products from the CIS countries and Europe.


  • Raw wood and timber;
  • Meat products;
  • Milk products;
  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Mineral fertilizers;
  • Chemical raw materials for the production of medicines and cosmetics.