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We provide the full range of professional financial and business services in investments, business acquisition, registration of legal entities and the business immigration to Europe.

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Saved 2017-07-19

Investments in Poland
Investments in Poland

Poland is one of the best countries in the European Union for investing in real estate and doing business. The state refers to foreigners in a loyal

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Saved 2017-07-01

UNIKOMM - European trading company
UNIKOMM - European trading company

Working with each individual client, we take into account all the specifics of his needs and build the most profitable schemes of interaction with the supplier / manufacturer of imported products.

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Saved 2017-06-03

Business conference in Poland
Business conference in Poland

Speaking of business training in general, it should not go unmentioned that such social activities bring fresh ideas not only for beginners but also for experienced representatives of the commercial sector. According to the concept, it ialways involves presentation and discussion

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